Orion EP

by panthermilk

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released 16 April 2014



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Track Name: Golden Hills
beatin me like a drum, my heart is speakin now
i'm feelin alright
by the setting sun, you're gone and I see red
i'm feelin alright
tell me where you're from again, but you won't write
i'm feelin alright

golden hills roll around this little town
bury me, i hear her now, liquid words would make you drown

in the pond house, safe and sound, towards the center of this town
I see it, im shakin it out, im feelin alright
the days number ninety-eight awake in my heartache
im feelin alright
Track Name: Bare Feet
I run out of things to say so quickly, couldnt we let our eyes converse?
the fiery suns' been down for hours now, and with it departed all my words

in the back of your mind, right in front of your eyes
in the back of your mind where your memory lies

you could say, oh my, in a moment ive fallen for you
you could wait all night for a glance or a brush of her hand
i feel myself shrink, diminishing, weak callin, crawlin to your feet
tryin to breathe with you on repeat, you been shakin' me oh ya

i know your laugh, your voice distinctly rings out in my head
and echoes around me
its driving me mad, i need you with me like i need the sun, my very breath

i'm the clouds and the rain, i'm the soother of pain
I'm the happiest mess my insanity could bring
Track Name: Bonneville
somethin is missing, while all my wishing becomes like pissing in the wind
when i reach for it, my hands ignore it, so hurry before it slips

tell me again, what Im waitin for
i cant stand to wait anymore

years before, this was the shore
we all seem to ignore that if she rose, and swallowed us whole
we'd all turn into mud
Track Name: Orion
said it to me, deep in my sleep
"darling you see, life is a blanket for you"
so forth and forth like never before, you are new to this stellar point of view

surely as your eyes were made to take in the skies
silently fill your mind as made up time flies

hold your breath, believe in death, forever
lose your mind, your sense of time, forever

all this while ive waited in line for you
before first light, in the middle of the night
there's you. ooooooooooooh.

my heart's wired, a burnin' fire, a sacred spire that's pointing directly at you
Mira lamps the milky way-maps
old planets, my eyes are glued to you

every night i stare, my heart is begging for more
i've spent all the time i needed with my back to floor

counting the stars, pluto and mars, forever
lose your mind, your sense of time forever

love and rhythm, light and soul are true
and there orion, gazing back at you