by panthermilk

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released March 12, 2015



all rights reserved


panthermilk Logan, Utah


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Track Name: Golden Hills
beatin' me like a drum, my heart is speakin now im feelin alright
tell me where you're from again, for half the night
by the setting sun, you're gone, and you won't write im feelin alright

golden hills roll around this little town
bury me, i hear her now, and her words would make you drown

in the sun house safe and sound, on the edges of this town
I see red, but im feelin alright
the days number 98 awake in my heartache is feelin' alright
Track Name: Bare Feet
I run out of things to say so quickly, couldnt we let our eyes converse?
the fiery suns' been down for hours now, and with it departed all my words

in the back of your mind, right in front of your eyes
in the back of your mind where your memory lies

you could say, oh my, in a moment ive fallen for you
you could wait all night for a glance or a brush of her hand
i feel myself shrink, diminishing, weak callin, crawlin to your feet
tryin to breathe with you on repeat, you been shakin' me oh ya

i know your laugh, your voice distinctly rings out in my head
and echoes around me
its driving me mad, i need you with me like i need the sun, my very breath

i'm the clouds and the rain, i'm the soother of pain
I'm the happiest mess my insanity could bring
Track Name: Bonneville
somethin is missing, all my my wishing becomes like pissing in the wind
when i reach for it my hands ignore, hurry before it slips

tell me again, just what im waiting for
i can't stand to wait anymore

i could swim alone
i could be hte only one
we could.. something i dont know what i say here. we could have it all?
we'd be dancin' in the sun

years before, this was the shore
we all seem to ignore
that if she rose and swallowed us whole we'd all turn into mud
Track Name: Sun Lakes
she is harmless, like the ocean crashing at your feet
if im honest, and i hope to be, maybe she'll be going where i go

the moon is rising, ever gradually over mountains and the sandy shore
and as i stare out, she slowly speaks to me, saying 'young hearts always beg for more.'

in your eyes, i see sun lakes calling.
when you cry, i feel my heart weeping

in the morning, as a red sun rises, my soul is expanding outwardly
illuminated by my inward light, still i turn away so cowardly
now i see it, crystal clearly now, so inviting, like an empty seat
but do i take it as it comes to me? or do i leave it and admit defeat.
Track Name: Slychology
don't i know, the minds no place to go? I go there alone
near the end, a bad trip shaking your hand, but i didn't plan to see you again

we could be free, like the moon. She's starting to speak!
we could be free, forget we have someplace to be.

all in all, its all so said and done, i'll see you in the fall if i see you at all
so i won't speak, if you won't make a sound, we'll sit on the ground as the music goes round.

you could be here, dont fear my wide eyes.
you've made it clear, from here on out we're alive
we could be free, like a flagship on the sea
we could be free, forget we have some place to be

i've deluded myself in the water i fell to forget it
i can't forget
if i could take it all back to a dream i had, but i forget, ooh, i can't forget.
Track Name: Zanzibar
can we head to the shoreline soon, there's sand under me, and I'm beneath the moon
isn't it subtle how you don't have to say anything at all

you know the ocean really terrifies me, its vast and deep and i cant see
so come on down to the water with me, we'll sink our teeth

isnt it funny how the moon pulls the waves, from under your feet? who'd've thought that it works that way, so secretly
im not liar but i dont tell the truth, how about you?
it doesn't matter anything you say if noone hears you

we had come so far, tell me where you are, i push, i pull
meet in zanzibar, tell me where you are